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As BFH alumni, get special benefits when launching a large event.

Tipo is a specialist ticketing provider for events and ski regions of all sizes based in Bern. In addition to widely distributed fixed-price tickets, ticket prices under preferred and self-defined influence factors can also be calculated dynamically in real time to get the most out of ski regions and events. By using innovative pricing logarithms, tipo successfully brings in more guests to events and the ski slopes, meaning a win-win situation for event hosts and ticket sellers. This is all rounded off by attractive and heavily discounted fees.

If you want to take advantage of this offer, contact contact(at)tipo.ch and mention your alumni status.

Tipo ticketing GmbH was founded by two BFH alumni and two other people.


tipo ticketing GmbH
Sandrainstrasse 17
3007 Bern

Interview with Rahel Ryf