Mentoring programme

Do you already have both feet on the career ladder and would like to pass on your knowledge and experience? Various departments at BFH offer mentoring programmes in which you can get involved.

The mentoring programmes of the Departments of Social Work, Business and HAFL each last around a year and involve several meetings between experienced professionals as volunteer "mentors" and students as "mentees". In addition to the meetings of these tandems, there is also a kick-off event at the beginning and a final meeting to provide a framework for the mentoring programme.

In addition to gaining valuable experience, the students also focus on exchanging knowledge and making important contacts. Mentors are thus able to share their knowledge, encourage students personally and support them in their career planning.

The mentoring programme is offered in the following departments:

BFH Social Work offers a mentoring programme in collaboration with the BFH Social Work Alumni Association. Former students volunteer to support Bachelor's and Master's students in their final year of study during the transition phase from study to work.

The mentoring programme runs for a period of one year and includes a kick-off event, at least six face-to-face meetings, a mid-term meeting and a final event. The mentoring tandem itself determines the content it deals with during the programme.

Passing on experience, gaining new experiences and making contacts: not only the mentees benefit from the BFH Business mentoring programme. The mentors encourage the students personally and support them in their career planning. At the same time, they also gain new insights and contacts.

Mentoring lasts approximately one year and starts in autumn. Ideally, the students continue to be mentored for a few months when they start their careers and can thus exchange views on current topics. The guideline is 4-6 meetings. A network meeting takes place at the beginning and end of the mentoring programme, where all participants can get to know each other and exchange ideas.

Passing on knowledge, supporting students and making new contacts: the BFH-HAFL mentoring programme brings together students as "mentees" and experienced professionals as volunteer "mentors". One mentee and one mentor form a tandem that meets at regular intervals over the course of a year and discusses topics that arise in connection with the transition to the professional world.

The mentoring programme ...

  • ... lasts 12 months.
  • ... includes 4-8 personal meetings of the mentoring tandem.
  • ... includes participation in the kick-off event at the beginning (October).
  • ... includes participation in the mentoring meeting at the end.
  • ... includes feedback from the tandems to the programme organisation at the end.

The mentoring programme is a cooperation between BFH-HAFL and BFH-HAFL Alumni.

Career Services

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