Apply for an alumni e-mail address

Your email address is from when you were at school and may look more professional? As a BFH graduate, you will receive a free alumni email address ( You can apply for the address immediately using the form.

This e-mail forwarding address is not an independent e-mail account. Incoming messages will be forwarded to your private or business e-mail address.

Alumni email addresses FAQ

After completing their studies, graduates of bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes of all divisions as well as graduates of continuing education courses (MAS, EMBA) of Bern University of Applied Sciences are accepted (free of charge) into the multidisciplinary alumni network of the Alumni BFH umbrella organisation.

If you still haven’t received an alumni email address or have forgotten the details, fill in the form above.

  • Communication between alumni and between BFH and former students is simplified and made easier.
  • The alumni email address is valid for life, so there is no need to inform about any address changes (e.g. due to a change of provider etc.).
  • A personal email address ending in makes a good impression when applying for jobs.

We offer email forwarding free of charge.

You must provide your alumni email address for identification purposes when obtaining discounts.

As the alumni email address is solely a forwarding address, you do not have access to an individual inbox. Emails are forwarded to your private or business email address.

If you want to find out whether your business or private email address is registered, please write to us via email or fill in the contact form.

Check your spam settings. Emails sent via the forwarding address may be stuck in your spam filter.

Note: If you send a message from your email address to your alumni email address, it should ultimately send it back to your email address. However, this is suppressed. This type of test email therefore doesn’t work.