Pfister Kinesiology Practice


Former BFH students receive a 10% discount on a kinesiology treatment.

Kinesiology is an effective and sustainable complementary therapy method. Physical, mental and emotional blockages are released, the self-healing powers are activated and the inner and outer balance is restored.

The therapy is based on knowledge from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Western medical science, naturopathy, neurobiology and neuroenergetics, the systemic solution-focused therapy and neurolinguistic programming.

Kinesiology is an ideal form of therapy for all children, teenagers and adults, men and women alike.

Kinesiology is a complementary therapy. As such, it can be billed to your supplementary health insurance. Pfister Kinesiololy Practice is registered with all health insurance companies.

If you would like to profit from the offer, please provide your alumni email address ( for identification purposes.

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