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Der Dachverband Alumni BFH fördert in Zusammenarbeit mit der Berner Fachhochschule und den Alumni-Vereinen die Schaffung von Mentoring-Programmen. Bachelor- und Masterstudent*innen werden dabei in der Übergangsphase vom Studium zum Beruf durch ehemalige Student*innen unterstützt.

An folgenden Departementen werden Mentoring-Programme für Student*innen angeboten:

BFH Social Work offers mentoring programmes in cooperation with the Alumni BFH Social Work association. Bachelor’s and master’s students in their final year of study are supported by these programmes by volunteer alumni in the transition phase from university to work.

The mentoring programme runs over one year and includes a kick-off event, a minimum of six in-person meetings, a mid-year meeting and a graduation event. The theme contents covered by the mentoring partner during the mentoring programme can be individually determined.

Have you completed your studies at BFH Social Work, have over three years of work experience in social work and would like to take part as a volunteer? If so, you can find all information at Social Work Mentoring Programme


Mentoring-Programm Soziale Arbeit BFH
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Gain valuable experience, make important contacts and benefit from the experience of renowned experts: The mentoring programme of the BFH Business School offers a lot to help students to support them personally and to help them in their career planning.

The mentoring programme lasts for about one year and starts in Autumn. Ideally, students continue to be mentored for a few months after the start of their careers and can thus exchange views on current topics. The mentoring sessions range from four to six meetings. At the& beginning and the end of the mentoring programme there is a network meeting where all participants can get to know each other and exchange information.

Are you an experienced professional who would like to support students as they embark on their career? Register on the website of the BFH Business School


Bettina Braun
Projektverantwortliche Mentoring

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Acquire valuable experience, make important contacts and benefit from the knowledge of older professionals. The mentoring programme is a cooperation between BFH-HAFL and BFH-HAFL alumni. The scheme brings together students as mentees and experienced professionals as voluntary mentors. A mentee and a mentor together form a tandem that meets at flexible intervals over the course of a year. Within this tandem the two people discuss issues that arise in connection with the move to the world of work.


  • runs for 12 months
  • involves 4 to 8 one-to-one meetings in the mentoring tandem
  • involves attending a kick-off event at the start (October)
  • involves attending a mentoring meeting at the end of the programme
  • involves the tandem giving feedback to the programme organisers at the end.

Are you an experienced professional who would like to support students at BFH-HAFL as they embark on their career? Register on the BFH-HAFL website


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