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The FH Salary Survey is a service by FH SCHWEIZ and is rerun every two years. The FH Salary Survey shines a light on the salary, work and continuing education situation of graduates of Swiss applied sciences universities. 10,500 applied sciences university graduates provided information for FH Salary Survey 2019 on the topics of salary, work situation and continuing education.

Below you can find the average (median*) salaries of applied sciences university graduates in different fields:

StudiengangOhne Altersangabe
Bachelor of Science in AgronomieCHF 91'000.--
Bachelor of Science in ForstwirtschaftCHF 96'750.--
Master of Science in Life ScienceCHF 96'500.--


Studiengangbis 30 Jahre30 - 40 JahreOhne Altersangabe

Architektur, Holz und Bau (Median über alle Bereiche)

CHF 81'900.--CHF 94'000.--CHF 85'000.--
Bachelor of Arts in ArchitekturCHF 74'050.--CHF 84'500.--CHF 76'850.--
BSc in BauingenieurwesenCHF 85'000.--CHF 94'125.--CHF 88'000.--
BSc in Bautechnikk. A.k. A.k. A.

StudiengangOhne Altersangabe
Bachelor of Arts in Design
(Median über alle Bereiche)
CHF 70'000.--
Bachelor of Arts in Visueller KommunikationCHF 69'250.--
Bachelor of Arts in Musik, Theater und andere Künste
(Median über alle Bereiche
CHF 63'333.--
Bachelor of Arts in Theaterk. A.
Bachelor of Arts in Musikk. A.

StudiengangOhne Altersangabe
Bachelor of Science in Ernährung und DiätetikCHF 77'555.--
Bachelor of Science in PhysiotherapieCHF 75'000.--
Bachelor of Science in PflegeCHF 81'250.--
Bachelor of Science in HebammeCHF 80'000.--
Master of Science in PhysiotherapieCHF 88'425.--
Master of Science in PflegeCHF 104'000.--

StudiengangOhne Altersangabe
Bachelor of Science in Sozialer ArbeitCHF 86'666.--
Master of Science in Sozialer ArbeitCHF 103'350.--

StudiengangOhne Altersangabe
Bachelor of Science in SportCHF 102'000.--

Studiengangbis 30 Jahre30 - 40 JahreOhne Altersangabe
Bachelor of Science in MaschinentechnikCHF 85'000.--CHF 96'925.--CHF 88'400.--
Bachelor of Science in ElektrotechnikCHF 85'000.--CHF 103'675CHF 90'700.--
Bachelor of Science in Mikrotechnikk. A.k. A.CHF 90'500.--
Bachelor of Science in InformatikCHF 91'000.--CHF 112'206.--CHF 104'444.--
Master of Science in EngineeringCHF 87'250.--CHF 102'611.--CHF 95'000.--

Studiengangbis 30 Jahre30 - 40 Jahre
Bachelor of Science in Betriebsökonomie
Sach- und Fachbearbeitung
Sonstiges Kader
Mittleres Kader

CHF 80'800.--
CHF 90'000.--
CHF 100'000.--

CHF 100'000.--
CHF 110'000.--
CHF 125'000.--
Bachelor of Science in WirtschaftsinformatikCHF 88'850.--CHF 114'950.--
Master of Science in Business AdministrationCHF 90'000.--CHF 112'250.--


*The median is a statistical measurement. It is the value in the middle when all values of the comparison group are listed in a row in order of size. This value is influenced to a lesser extent by extremes in the comparison group and is therefore more exact than the arithmetic mean.

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