‘Knowledge & pleasure’ September 2023

New ‘Knowledge & pleasure’ event series well received

On 5 September, the event ‘Wissen & geniessen’ (‘Knowledge & pleasure’), organised by Alumni BFH, took place for the first time in Bern. The small-scale networking event saw Patrick Brugger, programme manager of SBB fit4future, present the Knowledge Assistant. An exclusive wine tasting was followed by a lively exchange.


What attendees say

“It was a superb event. Definitely knowledge and pleasure!” – André, Urtenen-Schönbühl

“It was brilliant! Thank you so much!” – Oliver, Aarberg

“The event was a great success and far exceeded my expectations. Really fascinating presentation, interesting wine tasting and delicious food. Both the information and catering at the event were of a very high standard. Thank you to the organisers and everyone involved. It might be an idea to repeat the event with slightly more emphasis on AI.” – Jeanine, Interlaken

“Very exciting and friendly occasion.” – Alessia, Bern


Learning interesting facts first-hand while enjoying delicious fare and exchanging ideas – such is the aim of the new event series ‘Wissen & geniessen’, organised by Alumni BFH. 35 Bern University of Applied Sciences alumni attended the first event of the series.

Knowledge Assistant & wine tasting

At the launch event in Bern, Patrick Brugger, Programme Manager of fit4future at SBB, presented the newly developed Knowledge Assistant. This is a tool that helps to preserve the vast knowledge base of the workforce and supports knowledge management. The vision: a personalised digital assistant that accompanies SBB staff through the day and collects the relevant information. With the SBB Knowledge Assistant, young talents can now build on the experience of the ‘old hands’. A lively discussion ensued with the guests about the advantages and disadvantages of the newly developed solution.

Besides gaining much knowledge, the guests also got to know and taste exclusive wines. Collegium Wirtemberg from the wine region of Württemberg, Germany, was there to present exciting new wines. Food carefully matched to the wines rounded off the pleasure aspect of the event.


Wine tasting – special discounts for alumni

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As a BFH alumnus, you qualify for a discount on wines from Weinbergwerk, the Swiss distributor for the wines from Collegium Wirtemberg.

Please send your order directly to hello@weinbergwerk.ch.


Patrick Brugger

Patrick Brugger is Programme Manager of fit4future at SBB and has held various positions in innovation management at SBB for more than 17 years.


Roland Bärlocher

Roland Bärlocher is a qualified SBB Railway Operations Controller and a Business Economist FH. As project manager, requirements engineer & product owner, he developed and implemented the Knowledge Assistant (WIAS) for SBB in collaboration with the Talent Factory. He runs weinbergwerk.ch.


Ernst (Aschi) Hegg

Ernst (Aschi) Hegg is a BFH alumnus and head of the Talent Factory at SBB. Thanks to the practice-oriented training concept, around 150 IT trainees (upper secondary, tertiary) work on specific projects for internal and external customers, or are actively involved in SBB work organisations.