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Project Neptun: Inexpensive hardware for private use

Looking for an inexpensive laptop or tablet for private use? As a BFH student, employee or alumni, you can benefit from the offers of the Neptun project from 12 February - 11 March 2014.

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From 12 February to 11 March 2024, you can purchase hardware from various brands at discounted prices as part of the Neptun project for private use. Detailed information on the devices and how to order them can be found directly on the project website.

The Neptun project is aimed at all members of Swiss higher education institutions. The offer supports study, teaching, research and work regardless of time and place.

IT support

There is a Neptun Help Point for support cases at the vonRoll University Centre. This is located at Fabrikstrasse 8 on the ground floor in room B001.

The validation method available to you is "Validation via code". You can order the current code from us by e-mail.