Alumni BFH – Linking people and knowledge

We unite former students and the nine subject-specific BFH alumni organisations under one roof.

Our vision

“Alumni BFH – Linking people and knowledge”

    Our mission

    • We support students taking their first step into the working world and follow our former students in their professional development.
    • We promote the exchange of knowledge across disciplines and offer a platform for networking.
    • We strengthen the reputation of BFH and support its work.
    • We bring the alumni community up to date and help it grow with a focus on the future.

    Our values

    • Linking – We offer platforms for exchange and networking
    • Flexible – We are agile thinkers and our offerings are current
    • Curious – We have a positive attitude towards new ideas
    • Versatile – We are open to different ideas and solutions
    • Transparent – Our conduct and communications are open and comprehensible