• Master of Science in Wood Technology

Porträt Vladimir Raynovski

Vladimir Raynovski arbeitet als Projektleiter bei der STRABAG AG in Sofia, Bulgarien. Dank seinem Master of Science in Wood Technologies kann Vladimir Raynovski an der Universität in Barcelona ein PhD-Promotionsprogramm in Teilzeit absolvieren.

Vladimir Raynovski

Was hast du an der BFH studiert? Wann hast du dein Studium abgeschlossen?
Master of Science in Wood Technology - 2014-2016. My Master of Science in Wood Technology helped me got accepted in UIC Barcelona, where I currently do my Ph.D, on topic "The potential of High-Rise timber-concrete structures".

Was hast du aus dem Studium an der BFH mitgenommen? Wie kannst du das Gelernte in den Arbeitsalltag einbringen?
BFH tought me how to be more consistent and methodological which helps my every day activities as Project Manager.

Was hat dir rückblickend während deiner Studienzeit an der BFH gefehlt?
To make the course “Practical Placement - 5 ECTS“ in a Company mandatory.

Wie sieht deine aktuelle berufliche Tätigkeit aus?
I am currently a Project Manager at STRABAG (one of the biggest construction companies in the world)  and I also own private design Office Raynovski Architects, www.raynovski.com. Which focus on sustainable design and  timber structures. In the last year I also  achieved to sign a contract as a consultant for 2 investment projects, a 5 story Logistic Center and a holiday complex made of 3 story houses. This year I also became partner at www.studio-hora.com, a design office that focus on new trends and innovation.

Was fasziniert dich an deinem Beruf/deiner Tätigkeit?
As a project manager at STRABAG I have to coordinate the whole construction process, from excavation, to rough structure, and from building installation to interior finishes and furniture. 

As owner and partner at Raynovski Architects I spent 30% on looking for new clients. Another 40% goes for designing, the actual drawing and the rest 30% goes for management related.

Was war auf deiner beruflichen Laufbahn dein prägendstes Ereignis?
1. I signed a 2 year R&D contract with  KLH Massivholz GmbH - www.klh.at to develop my doctoral thesis prototype of a new timber hybrid floor system. I hope  the prototype validation of my floor system to be successful and  apply for patent.

2. This year my collaboration with arch. Hodkevich brought me velux international architectural award, which will gives me more popularity and hopefully bring bigger scale future projects.

Bist du Mitglied in einer Alumni-Organisation? Was ist für dich ein Mehrwert der Alumni-Arbeit an Hochschulen?

Welchen Rat gibst du künftigen und aktuellen Studierenden mit auf den Weg?
Get involved in various projects as much as possible! You never know what might be the direct and indirect benefit. You can learn new skills, meet people that can become your future network become more multidisciplinary, improve professional portfolio and much more.

Was machst du in deiner Freizeit?
I do Skateboarding for fun, ski in winter, surf in summer and during week days I dance Salsa.

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