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27th Alumni Refresher

Solving grand challenges through social business models

As the principle of profit maximization is increasingly losing legitimacy in the private sector, new economic actors have emerged on the scene. These include social enterprises that simultaneously pursue social, economic and environmental goals. For almost 20 years, Prof. Dr. Pascal Dey has studied social enterprises in terms of their value creation mechanisms, the management challenges they face and the ecosystems of which they are part.

This refresher aims to shed light onto how social enterprises use social business models to solve pressing social problems, including the challenges and trade-offs involved.


Room: P111, Brückenstrasse 73, 3005 Bern 

Approx. from 7.30pm Networking-Apéro

The Refresher is held in English.


Participants must present a valid COVID certificate at the beginning of the event in order to participate.


Members of all alumni associations of the BFH, lecturers and employees of the Business School as well as students of the BFH are cordially invited (registration until 12 January 2022 - max. 40 participants).

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